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ꯀꯣꯔꯣꯅꯥ ꯚꯥꯏꯔꯁ ꯂꯩꯅꯥ ꯲꯰꯱꯹ (ꯀꯣꯚꯤꯗ-꯱꯹)
ꯑꯇꯩ ꯃꯃꯤꯡꯁꯤꯡ
  • Coronavirus
  • 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease
  • Novel coronavirus pneumonia[1][2]
  • Wuhan pneumonia[3][4]
COVID-19 symptoms
ꯀꯣꯚꯤꯗ - ꯱꯹ ꯂꯥꯏꯑꯣꯡꯁꯤꯡ
ꯈꯣꯟꯊꯣꯛ Template:Ubl
Specialty Infectious diseases
ꯑꯅꯥ-ꯂꯥꯏꯑꯣꯡ ꯂꯥꯏꯍꯧ, ꯂꯣꯛ-ꯈꯨꯕ, ꯅꯤꯡꯁꯥ ꯍꯣꯟꯕ ꯅꯨꯡꯉꯥꯏꯇꯕ,[5][6]
Complications Pneumonia, viral sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, kidney failure
ꯍꯧꯔꯛꯄꯒꯤ ꯃꯇꯝ ꯅꯨꯃꯤꯠ ꯲–꯱꯴
ꯅꯥꯍꯟꯂꯤꯕꯁꯤꯡ Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
Risk factors Travel, viral exposure
Diagnostic method rRT-PCR testing, CT scan
ꯉꯥꯛꯊꯣꯛꯄ Hand washing, quarantine, social distancing
Treatment Symptomatic and supportive
Frequency Template:Wp/mni/Cases in 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic confirmed cases
ꯑꯁꯤꯕ Template:Wp/mni/Cases in 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic (Template:Wp/mni/Cases in 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic of confirmed cases)Template:Wp/mni/Cases in 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic

ꯀꯣꯔꯣꯅꯥ ꯚꯥꯏꯔꯁ ꯂꯩꯅꯥ ꯲꯰꯱꯹ (ꯀꯣꯚꯤꯗ-꯱꯹) ꯍꯥꯏꯕꯁꯤ ꯂꯩꯅꯥ ꯃꯈꯜ ꯑꯃꯅꯤ, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) ꯑꯁꯤꯅꯥ ꯅꯥꯍꯟꯕꯅꯤ ꯫[7] ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯂꯩꯅꯥ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯑꯍꯥꯟꯕ ꯑꯣꯏꯅꯥ ꯆꯥꯏꯅꯥꯒꯤ ꯋꯨꯍꯥꯟ ꯍꯥꯏꯅꯥ ꯈꯪꯅꯕ ꯃꯐꯝꯗꯨꯗꯥ ꯀꯨꯝꯖꯥ ꯲꯰꯱꯹ ꯗꯤꯁꯦꯝꯕꯔ ꯲꯹ ꯋꯨꯍꯥꯟꯗꯤ ꯗꯣꯛꯇꯔꯁꯤꯡꯅꯥ ꯊꯦꯡꯅꯕ ꯍꯧꯔꯛꯈꯤ ꯫

ꯃꯇꯦꯡ ꯂꯧꯐꯝ[edit | edit source]

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