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Harry Maguire
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipUnited Kingdom Edit
Country for sportEngland Edit
Name in native languageHarry Maguire Edit
Birth nameJacob Harry Maguire Edit
Given nameHarry Edit
Family nameMaguire Edit
Date of birth5 March 1993 Edit
Place of birthSheffield Edit
Native languageEnglish Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Occupationassociation football player Edit
Position played on team / specialitycentre-back Edit
Educated atSt Mary's Catholic High School Edit
Work period (start)2011 Edit
Member of sports teamManchester United F.C. Edit
Sportassociation football Edit
Sport number5 Edit
Participant in2018 FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro 2020, 2022 FIFA World Cup Edit
LeagueEnglish Football League, Premier League Edit

[1]Harry Maguire dǝ sha chasambo (5/3/1993) Dekkel baktema cidi England bə kuru ngawo jetima club donyi Premier League bə Manchester United cidi England bə dero. kuruman cidi nzǝ England bə dero dekkel baktema.

Lamintǝ[2][edit | edit source]

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