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Bono Region
region of Ghana
Inception13 February 2019 Edit
Native labelBono Region Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
CapitalSunyani Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityGhana Edit
LocationGhana Edit
Coordinate location7°20′0″N 2°20′0″W Edit
Shares border withSavannah Region, Bono East Region, Ahafo Region, Ashanti Region, Western North Region Edit

De Bono Region dey de middle belt of Ghana wey esan bi one of de 16 administrative regions for Ghana. Na ebi part of de else while Brong-Ahafo region wey dem divide am into Bono East region den Ahafo region.[1] Edey occupy total land surface like 11,481 km2 (4,433 sq mi). E get 1,208,649 people wey dey de region insyd according to 2021 Population Census.[2] Sunyani, wey dem san call am de green city for Ghana,[3] bi de regional capital. Sunyani fi brag einself say ebi de cleanest capital city den esan bi major conference destination saco of e get cool environment.[4][5]

Creation of de region

Dem created de region afta dem komot de Ahafo den Bono East regions from de den Brong-Ahafo region. Dis bi de fulfilment of a campaign promise made by Nana Akuffo Addo prior to de 2016 national election.[6] De Ministry of Regional Reorganization den Development wey edey Hon. Dan Botwe wey create de new district, so rydee we no get any region wey we call am Brong Ahafo Region so bi Brong Ahafo Region Co-ordinating Council (BARCC).[7][8]

De Ministry stand for Article 255 of de 1992 constitution den Article 186 of de Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936 as Amended), so Bono Regional Co-ordination Council (BRCC) come replace BARCC. Den dem do inaugurate to talk de general public so say ego work well well.[9][10]

Administrative divisions

De Map of de Districts for Bono Region

De political administration wey dey de region insyd bi tru local government system. Dem divide de region into 12 Municipal District Assemblies (MDAs); 5 Municipal Assemblies den 7 District Assemblies wey ebi de boss for each of dem bi Chief Executive wey dem rep de central government wey dem derive demma power from Assembly wey demma boss bi presiding member elected from assembly members.[11][12] De current list for de region insyd bi as follows:

Districts wey dey Bono Region
# MMDA Name Capital MMDA Type Member of Parliament Party
1 Banda Banda Ahenkro Ordinary Ahmed Ibrahim NDC
2 Berekum East Berekum Municipal Nelson Kyeremeh NPP
3 Berekum West Jinijini Ordinary Kwaku Agyenim-Boateng NPP
4 Dormaa Central Dormaa-Ahenkro Municipal Kwaku Agyeman-Manu NPP
5 Dormaa East Wamfie Ordinary Paul Apreku Twum Barimah NPP
6 Dormaa West Nkrankwanta Ordinary Vincent Oppong Asamoah NDC
7 Jaman North Sampa Ordinary Frederick Yaw Ahenkwah NDC
8 Jaman South Drobo Municipal Williams Okofo-Dateh NDC
9 Sunyani Sunyani Municipal Kwasi Ameyaw Cheremeh NPP
10 Sunyani West Odumase Ordinary Ignatius Baffour Awuah NPP
11 Tain Nsawkaw Ordinary Adama Sulemana NDC
12 Wenchi Wenchi Municipal Haruna Seidu NDC

Vegetation den climate

Dis area ein topography dey low elevation wey not exceed 152 metres above sea ein level. Ebi semi-deciduous forest den de soil bi fertile. De region dey produce cash crops like cashew, timber den food crops like maize, cassava, plantain, cocoyam, tomatoes, den others.[13]

Location den size

Bono Region dey share boarder at de north plus de Savannah Region, wey ein west by Ghana-Côte d'Ivoire international border, on de east by de Bono East den south plus Ahafo den Ashanti Regions.[14]

About 1,208,649 (3.9% of de national population) people wey dey de region insyd according to de 2021 Population Census wey done by de Ghana Statistical Service. De region population density bi 108.8/km².[15][16]

Education den religion

De region de brag say eget tertiary institutions such as;

  • University of Energy den Natural Resources
  • Methodist University College, Wenchi
  • Sunyani Technical University
  • Catholic University of Ghana.
  • Holy Family Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Berekum
  • Nursing & Midwifery Training College, Sunyani
  • Nursing Training College, Seikwa
  • Nursing & Midwifery Training College, Dormaa Ahenkro
  • Nursing Training College, Sampa
  • Berekum College of Education
  • Al-Faruq College of Education, Wenchi
  • St. Ambrose College of Education, Dormaa Akwamu

Some secondary institutions too dey like;

  • Saint James Senior High Seminary, Dormaa Senior High School, Sunyani Senior High school, St. Vitus Technical Institute, Notre Dame Girls Senior High School, Sacred Heart Senior High School, Twene Amanfo Senior High Technical School, Odumanseman Senior High School, Bonoman Senior High School, Abesim Senior High School, Ideal College, Miracle Preparatory Junior & High School, Sunyani Business High School etc.[17][18][19]
  • Bono Ancestral Worship den spirituality and Christianity too dey de religion insyd.

Tourism den parks

  • Bui National Park, which dey 1,821-kilometer square den cover part of de Black Volta River, ebi rich Park cos eget chaw species of antelopes den different type of birds. Dem also known am for de chaw hippopotamus wey dey insyd. Tourist fi chill for de Black Volta River top through de National Park.[20]
  • Bui Dam, edey de under Banda Mountains, dem build am to improve Ghana's energy demands.[21]
  • Duasidan Monkey Sanctuary, located 10 km southwest of Dormaa Ahenkro, get a rare breed of Mona Monkeys. De tourists welcomed by de presence of des monkeys as manners enter their forest-like abode. Bamboo trees dey form canopy for de middle of de forest, which serves as a resting ground for visitors. Monkeys can be seen swinging up den down tree branches den peeling bananas left out for dem. De visitor gets a chance to see how monkeys dey carry demma babies on de move.[22][23]

Cultural den social life

Plenty cultural practices den festivals dey within de region insyd. Kwafie bi celebrated by manners wey dey Dormaa, Berekum den Nsoatre for November, December den January,[24][25] wey Munufie by Drobo.[26][27] Dem dey celebrate am to cleanse den feed demma stools den gods respectively. Dem dey climax am with a borla bonfire for de palace courtyard. Dem dey believe sey de manners wey dey Dormaa Ahenkro (Aduana) bi de first wey come plus Ghana with fire, so demma symbol wey dey do to rememba dat. Akwantukese bi festival wey de manners wey dey Suma celebrate am for March insyd.


  • Sunyani Regional Hospital
  • Sunyani Municipal Hospital
  • SDA Hospital, Sunyani
  • Holy Family, Berekum[28]
  • Methodist Hospital Wenchi
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Dormaa Ahenkro
  • St. Mary's Hospital, Drobo[29]

Football teams

  • Aduana Stars
  • Berekum Chelsea
  • Nsoatreman FC

Des teams dey the 2022/2023 Betpawa Ghana Premier League

  • Brong Ahafo United
  • Bofoakwa Tano
  • Young Apostles FC
  • Berekum Arsenal
  • Wamnafo Might Royals

Des teams too dey 2022/2023 Access Bank Division One League


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