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Birim South District
districts of Ghana
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityEastern Region Edit
Coordinate location5°53′40″N 1°0′55″W Edit
Official websitehttp://birimsouth.ghanadistricts.gov.gh/ Edit

Birim South District be one of de thirty-three districts wey dey Eastern Region for Ghana insyd.[1] Na ebe originally den formerly part of de den-larger first Birim South District (wey Akim Oda be ein capital town) for 1988 insyd, wey dem create am from de former Birim District Council, till dem split off de western part of de district wey dem create de Birim South District for 29 February 2008 insyd; dat be say dem rename de remaining part as Birim Central Municipal District, wey Akim Oda be ein capital town. However for 15 March 2018 insyd, dem split off de eastern part of de district wey ecam turn Achiase District; dat be say dem retain de remaining part as Birim South District. De district assembly dey de southwest part of Eastern Region wey Akim Swedru be ein capital town.[2]

Dema Boundaries

De Birim South District dey de south of Eastern Ghana. Dem dey share border for de north east by de Birim Central Municipal District. wey de west be de Assin North Municipal District wey dey de Central Region wey de south, be de Achiase District den Agona West District wey dem newly create, wey dem san dey Central Region insyd.[1]

Dema Geography

De district dey cover sam area of 299.5 square kilometres. Wey eget chaw hills, streams den rivers. Eget 2 peak rain seasons for May go June den September go October insyd. De relative humidity dey range from 56% for de dry season insyd den 70% for de rainy season insyd. De district dey lie for sam semi-deciduous rainforest region insyd. De Birim River dey flow thru Birim South District.[1]

Dema Demographics

De population be 47.6% male den 51.4% female. 56% of de population dey stay for rural areas insyd.[1][2]

Dema Administration

De highest political den administrative body for de district insyd be de District Assembly. De District Executive be de political den administrative head. De assembly san get presiding member wey be de chairperson. 3 sub-district councils dey. Dem be de Akim Swedru Urban Council, Achiasi Town Council den de Aperadi Area Council.[1]

List of settlements

The town of Akim Swedru, is the capital. The other major settlements in the Birim South district are Achiasi and Aperadi. Achiasi is the main commercial centre.[1]

Settlements of Birim South District
No. Settlement Population Population year
1 Achiasi
2 Adiembra
3 Aduasa
4 Aggreykrom
5 Akim Swedru 10,379 2013
6 Akortekrom
7 Akyem Swedru
8 Anamase
9 Anyinam
10 Aperadi
11 Apoli
12 Awisa
13 Bieni
14 Bomoden
15 Duakon
16 Kokobeng
17 Nyankomase
18 Osorase

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