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Bawku West District
districts of Ghana
Inception1988 Edit
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
CapitalZebilla Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityUpper East Region Edit
LocationUpper East Region Edit
Coordinate location10°55′0″N 0°31′0″W Edit

Bawku West District be one of de fifteen districts wey dey Upper East Region for Ghana insyd. Dem originally create am as ordinary district assembly for 1988 insyd; wey Legislative Instrument (L.I.) 1442 establish am. De municipality dey de eastern part of Upper East Region wey Zebilla be ein capital town.

Ein History

Bawku West dey part of de traditional kingdom of Kussaug.Kussasi be de main ethnic group den Kussal be de main language wey dem dey speak for de area insyd. As de Kussasi kingdom of Kussaug, wey be much older.

Ein Geography

De Republic of Burkina Faso wey edey border am for north, Binduri District dey east, Talensi District den Nabdam District dey west wey East Mamprusi District dey south. De district dey cover area wey dey approximate 1,070 square kilometres, wey dey constitute about 12% for de total land area for de Upper East Region. E be de fourth biggest distruct for de region insyd sake of land area.

Ein Demographics

De 2010 population den housing census dey claim say, de total population be 94,034 wey dey represent 9.0 percent for de region ein total population. Males dey constitute 48 percent den females dey represent 52 percent for de district ein population. For de population 11 years den above, 39.0 percent be literate den 61.0 percent be non-literate. De proportion for literate males be higher (48.0%) dan females (31.0%),[1] then times. Kusaal be de dominant language for Zebilla insyd. Chaw inhabitants for de district be Kussasi, wey bunch Basari den Mossi sanso dey wey dem comot kingdoms wey dey near. Zebilla, like chaw oda places for Northern part for Ghana insyd get very shallow soil wey be less rich for organic fertilizer insyd. De weather conditions be harsh plus small rainfall. Major crops wey dey thrive for de area insyd be maize, sorghum, 'Nara', rice, soya beans, bambara beans den groundnut. Joy News report say, some man dem dey bell am Apamsaiblik Azurago, wey defy de odds den cultivate de first eva cocoa for de area insyd.


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