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Banda Ahenkro
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityBrong-Ahafo Region Edit
Coordinate location8°10′0″N 2°22′0″W Edit
Located in time zoneGreenwich Mean Time Edit
Banda District Map
Banda District

Banda Ahenkro be town wey dey de west-northern for Bono region insyd, Ghana,[1] edey share border plus Ivory Coast. Ein geography provide am as de home for numerous groups wey dey hia shelter from across West Africa during de slave trade ein era. De original name for dah settlement be Serminakuu wey dey mean say groups of 'grasses'. Dis name dem change am to Banda, which be corruption of 'Woanda' wey dey mean say 'dey no come to bed'. Ancestors for Banda Ahenkro wey dem be allies of de Asante kingdom during wars den dey take give dem military force dat virtually make dem refuse to bed during de tym of war. Dis be sake of more of dem be predominantly Muslims den dem dey lyk praying throughout de gbeke. Later, 'woanda' dem san corrupted am by de Bono neighbours wey ebecome Banda. De settlement dey evolved to become de bossu town or 'Ahenkro' for de Nafana communities.[2][3]

Banda Ahenkro wey ebi de district capital of Banda District, dem carry am from Tain den form am as part of de new districts den municipalities dem created for de year 2012 insyd wey dem inaugurated for various locations simultaneously on 28 June 2012 insyd.[4][5][6]

De late president, H.E. J.E.A Mills, by an Executive Instrument (E.I) created 46 new districts. All de inaugurated den confirmed MMDAs established den operational wid immediate effect for 2012 hence bringing de total number of MMDAs to 216.[7][8]

De district gey a population of 45,000 wid Banda Ahenkro wey gey a population of 2,795 as of 2010 plus males being 21,000 den females being 24,000. De population has been increasing over de years wid demma growth rate of 2.6%.


Agriculture be demma main occupation among de workforce for Banda Ahenkro.[9]


Banda Ahenkro, de capital of Banda District be 126 kilometres away from Sunyani, de regional capital (ebi approximately 1 hour 47 minutes’ drive by road). De town be connected by road to Wenchi den Bui wey gey hydro electric power, Bui Dam.[10] Banda Ahenkro no gey railway station for Ghana Railway Corporation.


De town of Banda Ahenkro be town wey gey modern communication facilities such as, mobile phones, internet den e-mail services. Dese services are provided by telecommunication network providers MTN Ghana, AirtelTigo Ghana den Vodafone Ghana.


De people of Banda Ahenkro dey celebrate 'Forjour' which be a popular festival dat dem celebrate am for de town insyd.[11] 'Forjour' bi yam festival celebrated insyd de month of October for every year, demma climax for the yam festival be de durbar for demma king (Omanhene) through Banda traditional area. Dem dey use de festival as a means to remember demma ancestors to biss protection den favour from dem. Dem san use am to purify demma area den allow ein people go into traditional New Year wid hope.[12][13][14]


Many residents for de Banda traditional area follows the Banda Ahenkro-based sports team, Bandaman Football Club, which rydee playing for de second division league.

Notable people

Banda Ahenkro be home den birthplace of Ahmed Ibrahim, de current member of parliament for Banda District, Mr. Alexander Kofi Essien, lead counsel Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, and many others.


Banda Ahenkro on 31 May 2005, de Ghana Health Service handed over a multi-million-cedi Health Centre to de people at Banda Ahenkro wey dey Bono Region.[15]

Osabarima Okokyeredom Kwadwo Sito I, Omanhene of Banda Traditional Area, who take de keys of de facility from Mr Ebenezer Awuku, Estate Officer of de Ghana Health Service (GHS) in Sunyani in turn handed dem over to de health personnel in-charge for de centre. De Omanhene commend de govment den de GHS for de hospital.[16]


Tourists to Banda Ahenkro gey attracted by de area natural environment. Attractions include de Nyua Kpoo Mountain den de Sheli Kpoo cave which be potential tourist sites.[17][18]


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