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music genre, type of dance
Subclass ofmusic of Ghana Edit
Inception2000 Edit
Country of originGhana Edit
Azonto move

Azonto be dance den music genre wey comot from Ghana.[1] Ghana News Agency dey cite dema study wey dem find out say dem connect de dance to de traditional Ga dance Kpanlogo, e dey associate plus de coastal towns for de country inside such as Chorkor, James Town, Teshie, Nungua den Tema, for de Greater Accra Region insyd.[2]

Chao accounts dey say Azonto formerly be known as 'Apaa' for dis communities inside.[3] De Apaa dance, hence Azonto dance, dey involve set of hand movements wey dey either mimic everyday activities especially ones wey dey concern people dema livelihoods,[4] or moves wey dey mean to amuse audience.

E begin plus one- or two-step movements but dem advance am to more complex den almost acrobatic movements.[5] Just like chao African dances, Azonto dey involve knee bending den hip movements. De dance effectively evolve from basic moves to miming actions lyk ironin of clothes, washin, drivin, boxin, prayin, swimming, den odas.[6]

Ein History

Azonto be communicative bugey wey dem dey believe to comot from "Apaa" wey literally dey mean work. Dem use Apaa to show individual ein profession. Azonto dance grow more to relay coded messages. Later nu, de bugey enter chao Ghanaians dema mind inside. For de same year inside (2013),[7] chao Ghanaian dema music video be full of Azonto wey e later come spread to chao African countries den oda parts of de world.[8][9]

Popular music researcher Jesse Weaver Shipley dey claim say lyk hiplife, Azonto ein popularity be direct result of ein interactions in diaspora. De menners wey dem dey abroad identify Azonto[1] plus Ghanaian indigeneity wey dey menners wey dem dey home dey identify am plus cosmopolitanism.[10]

Ein International popularity

Dem dey trace Azonto far back as one of R2Bees dema upcoming songs "Azonto" but ebe Guru ein Lapaz Toyota wey rejuvenate am wey later NshonnaMusick producer plus de song "You Go Kill Me" wey Sarkodie (rapper) den EL (rapper) dey top. Later nu dem make am popular for social media top by music vids wey dey portray de bugey plus fast-pace tempos, home-made dance instructional vids wey dem upload for YouTube top plus no commercial intent, den group choreographers wey chao Ghanaians dey do am den oda African nationals wey dey live for UK, Germany den U.S inside.[11]

Azonto ein widespread popularity dey highlights de social mobility ein presence within Ghanaian, den to an extent, greater African culture. Specifically, how digital media dey function as a modality of production den sociality. Azonto be emblematic of a larger social media trend, one wey dey emphasize de transient nature of artistic output, dis be in stark contrast to old discourses of identity den nationhood. Wey dis discourses dey maintain physical location, or place-based culture as proof of belonging, younger generations dey articulate sense of belonging thru shared cultural signifiers, lyk Azonto, wey dey spread thru digital media. Thus, Azonto fi travel thru out space den time while e go become detach from one physical location.[12]


De Most Popular Azonto Tracks for 2012[13][14]
Track Title Artiste Album Title
"Lapaz Toyota" Guru
"You Go Kill Me" Sarkodie (featuring E.L)
"Dangerous" Sarkodie
"Zooze" Koo Maanu (featuring No-Tyme)
"Move To The Gyal Dem" Donae'o (featuring Sarkodie)
"Aboodatoi" Gasmilla
"Chop Kenkey" Joey B
"Twame Lala" Stay Jay
"Obuu Mo" E.L
"Kaluu" E.L
"Yenko Nkoaa" Eduwodzi (featuring Stay J)
"Azonto" Fuse ODG (featuring Itz Tiffany)
"Kolom" Buk Bak
"Sokode" Keche
"Body Lotion" Keche
"Azonto Ghost" Bisa Kdei
"Aluguntugui" Keche
"Moko Ni" 4x4
"Antenna" Fuse ODG
"Seke" Dr Slim (featuring Double)
"Ayi" Criss Waddle (featuring Bisa Kdei)
"Azonto" Wizkid
'"Azonto'' R2BEES


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