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calendar month, calendar month, calendar month
Subclass ofmonth of the Gregorian calendar Edit
Part ofJulian calendar, Gregorian calendar, Swedish calendar Edit
Nameавгуста, sierpnia, Chakra yapuy killa, Weodmonðes Edit
Named afterAugustus, Alparslan, harvest, sickle Edit
FollowsJuly Edit
Followed bySeptember Edit
Series ordinal8 Edit

August be de eighth month of de year wey dey Julian den Gregorian calendars, wey ebi de fifth of seven months wey get length of 31 days.[1] Ein zodiac sign be Leo wey originally dem name am Sextilis insyd Latin secof na ebi de 6th month for de original ten-month Roman calendar insyd under Romulus inyd 753 BC, wey March be de first month for de year. About 700 BC, e cam turn de eighth month wen dem add January den February to de year before March by King Numa Pompilius, wey he san so give am 29 days. Julius Caesar add two days wen he create de Julian calendar insyd 46 BC (708 AUC), he give am ein modern length of 31 days. Insyd 8 BC, dem rename am for Emperor Augustus ein honor.[2] According to Senatus consultum wey Macrobius quote am, he choose dis month secof na ebi de tym of ein chaw great triumphs, wey dey include de conquest of Egypt.[3] Commonly lore dem repeat claim say August get 31 days secof na Augustus want ein month make e match de length of Julius Caesar ein July, buh dis be invention for de 13th century scholar Johannes de Sacrobosco. Sextilis in fact get 31 days before dem rename am, wey dem no choose am secof ein length.[4][5]

August symbols

  • August ein birthstones be de peridot, sardonyx, den spinel.[6]
  • Ein birth flower be de gladiolus or poppy, wey dey mean beauty, strength of character, love, marriage den family.[7]
  • De Western zodiac signs give de month of August be Leo (until August 22) den Virgo (from August 23 dey go).[8][9]


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