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Audrey Gadzekpo
Sex or genderfemale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Name in native languageAudrey Sitsofe Gadzekpo Edit
Given nameAudrey Edit
Family nameGadzekpo Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEwe, English Edit
Occupationacademic, lecturer, professor Edit
EmployerUniversity of Ghana Edit
Educated atUniversity of Ghana, University of Birmingham, Brigham Young University Edit
Work period (start)1993 Edit
Member ofNational Media Commission, film industry Edit

Professor Audrey Sitsofe Gadzekpo be Ghanaian media practitioner den female dean give de School of Information den Communications Studies for de University of Ghana.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Na she be de Communications Consultant den Lecturer wey represent women dema groups.[7] She sa be member give de Webster Ghana’s Advisory Board.[8]

Ein education

She be Associate professor for Journalism den Media Studies.[9][10] She attend de University of Birmingham for Britain wer she graduate plus PhD for Education for de Center for West African Studies.[11] She get hin M.A for Communications inside from Brigham Young University wey dey Utah for USA inside den hin Bachelor of Arts for English inside from de University of Ghana.[12][13][14]

Ein career

She begin hin career for 1993 inside.[11] For January 2017, President Nana Akufo-Addo name am committee memba giv de plannin of Ghana hin 60th Independent anniversary.[15]

For June 2017 inside, she dey among de membas of de National Media Commission wey dem induct so say dem go help de passage of de Broadcasting den de Right to Information bills into law.[7]

For June 2017 inside, she speak for de Maiden Edition of Women in PR Ghana Seminar plus Dr. Ayokoe Anim-Wright, Cynthia E. Ofori-Dwumfuo den Gifty Bingley.[16][17] Hin research be primarily geared towards gender, media den governance issues.[18][19]

For February 2021 inside, she dey among eight-member committee wey dem select so say dem go give fresh name giv de Film industry for Ghana inside.[20]

Now nu she be de Dean of School of Information den Communication Studies for University of Ghana.[11][21][22]

Ein life matter

She get daughter wey dem dey bel am Nubuke wey she be fellow of de third class of de Africa Leadership Initiative-West Africa den memba of Aspen Global Leadership Network.[23]

Ein awards den honors

Na she be visitin scholar for Northwestern University wey dey Chicago for USA inside for de Program of African Studies from September to December 2005.[23]

Na she sanso be Guest Researcher for Nordic Africa Institute for de African Guest Researchers Program for 2012 inside.(Research Cluster ‘Conflict, Security den Democratic Transformation).[24]

For March 2020 inside, she receive award in de 5th Ghana Women of Excellence Awards sake of hin leadership role.[25]

Anas Aremeyaw Anas pay am homage sake of hin role for hin rise thru de undercover journalism for Ghana inside.[26]


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