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Annie Ruth Jiagge
Sex or genderfemale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Name in native languageAnnie Baëta Jiagge Edit
Given nameAnnie Edit
Family nameBaeta Edit
Date of birth7 October 1918 Edit
Place of birthLomé Edit
Date of death12 June 1996 Edit
Place of deathAccra Edit
SiblingChristian Goncalves Kwami Baëta Edit
Native languageEwe Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Occupationjudge, lawyer, chairperson Edit
EmployerUnited Nations Commission on the Status of Women Edit
Position heldpresident Edit
Educated atLondon School of Economics and Political Science, Achimota School Edit
Academic degreeBachelor of Laws Edit
Academic majorlaw Edit
Work locationGhana Edit
Member ofWorld YWCA Edit

Annie Ruth Jiagge, GM (née Baëta; dem born am 7 October 1918 – 12 June 1996), alias Annie Baëta Jiagge, na she be Ghanaian lawyer, judge den women's rights activist. Na she be de first woman wey turn judge for Ghana den Commonwealth of Nations.[1] Na she be principal drafter of Declaration for Elimination of Discrimination Against Women den co-founder of de organisation wey turn Women's World Banking.

Ein early life den education

Dem born Annie Ruth Baeta for 7 October 1918 for Lomé, French Togoland insyd. Na ein parents be schoolteacher, Henrietta Baëta den Presbyterian minister, Robert Domingo Baëta. She belong to de Ewe ethnic group of southeastern Ghana den Togo. She be member of de notable Baëta family, na she be one of eight children, though Annie den her siblings Christian, Lily, den William per wey live to adulthood. Na ein elder bro, Christian Baëta be academic den Presbyterian minister wey dem elect am de Synod Clerk for de Evangelical Presbyterian Church for de Gold Coast from 1945 come 1949[2][3][4] wey na he be instrumental for de establishment of de University of Ghana, Legon for 1948 insyd.[5][6][7] Na ein parents want make she get English education wey she live for de coastal town for Keta insyd (for British Togoland insyd) plus ein maternal grandmummie.[1]

Baeta attend Achimota College den earn ein teacher's certificate for 1937 insyd. Na she be headi den schoolteacher for de Evangelical Presbyterian Girls School from 1940 come 1946. After de ocean wash away de buildings for de Evangelical Presbyterian School for Girls insyd 1940, dem move de girlies go de Evangelical Presbyterian School for Boys. De school cam make overcrowded, wey Baeta know say e go be difficult make dem find funding give fresh buildings. She approach de Evangelical Presbyterian Church Choir den transform am go drama group wey put de George F. Rool musical David the Shepherd Boy for top. Na de performances be successful wey dem invite de group make dem perform for major Gold Coast cities den Togo insyd. Baeta raise funds for fresh school give de girlies wey dem build am for December 1945.[1]

Ein awards

  • The Grand Medal of Ghana (1969)
  • The Gimbles International Award (1969)


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