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Anlo Ewe people
ethnic group
Part ofEwe Edit
CountryBenin, Ghana, Togo Edit

De Anlo Ewe be sub-group of de Ewe people wey approximately dem be 6 million people, wey dey inhabit southern Togo, southern Benin, southwest Nigeria, den south-eastern parts of de Volta Region for Ghana; meanwhile, chao Ewe dey locate for de entire southern half of Togo den southwest Benin. Dem be patrilineal society wey hierarchal, centralized authority dey govern dem.[1] Dema language (self-name Anlogbe) be dialect for de Ewe language, hinself be part of de Gbe language cluster.[1] De Ewe religion dey center for supreme god Mawu top den several intermediate divinities.[2][3] For every part of Anlo Ewe land now nu accept Christianity plus minority of de people still dey believe vodun beliefs. De vodun san be known as part of de traditional religion wey now nu e turn previous religion. De youth of de community today dey accept Christianity more. Howeva, dos wey still dey believe for de vodoo worship inside san dey believe dema tradition be factor wey dey keep integrity den probity while Christianity dey stand to pave way for integrity, honesty den probity so say e go wash away as years go by wey e be for dis reason dem always do away plus dis Christianity wen e come to accountability issues.


Dem claim dem derive de name Ŋlɔ (nlo) (of Aŋlɔ or Anlo) from de Ewe term ŋlɔ or 'nlo' wey dey mean rolling up or folding for one hin body inside.[4]

Dema clans list

  • Laƒe
  • Amlade
  • Adzovia
  • Bate
  • Likei
  • Bame
  • Klevi
  • Tovi
  • Tsiame
  • Agave
  • Amɛ
  • Dzevi
  • Ʋiƒeme
  • Ɣetsoƒe
  • Blu
Ewe people wey dem dey dance agbadza

Kinship terminology[1]

Poppie ein elder bro Tɔga
Poppie ein kiddie bro Tɔdia
Kiddie (both sexes) Vi
Sibling (both sexes) Nɔvi
Sisto Da
Bro Nɔviŋutsu
Mummie Enɔ or Dada
Poppie Etɔ or Fofo
Mummie ein elder sisto Daga or Nɔga
Mummie ein kiddie sis Daɖia or Nɔdi
Poppie ein sisto Etɛ or Tasi
Mummie ein bro Nyrui
Poppie ein kiddie bro Tɔɖia
Grandpoppie Tɔgbe or Tɔgbui
Grandmommie Mama


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