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Akwatia Constituency
constituency of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana
CountryGhana Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityEastern Region Edit

Akwatia be one of de constituencies wey dey represent for de Parliament of Ghana insyd. Edey elect one Member of Parliament (MP) by de first past de post system of election. Akwatia dey de Denkyembour district wey dey Eastern Region for Ghana insyd.

Dema Boundaries

De constituency dey de Denkyembour district wey dey Eastern Region for Ghana insyd.

Members wey dey Parliament

Election Member Party
1992 Gilbert Kwasi Agyei National Democratic Congress
1996 Alhaji Mohammed Erzuah Siam National Democratic Congress
2000 Kinston Akomeng Kissi New Patriotic Party
2008 Kofi Asare New Patriotic Party


Dem rerun de 2008 parliamentary election for 6 polling stations for 18 August 2009 insyd. Ebe NPP candidate wey win am.

2008 Ghanaian parliamentary election: Akwatia Source:My JoyOnline[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
New Patriotic Party Kofi Asare 17,900
National Democratic Congress Baba Jamal Mohammed Ahmed 15, 860
Convention People's Party Samuel Agyei
Independent Basil Ahiable
Independent Abrokwa Samuel
Majority 2,040

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