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Akofa Edjeani Asiedu
Sex or genderfemale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Name in native languageAkofa Edjeani Asiedu Edit
Given nameAkofa, Edjeani Edit
Family nameAsiedu Edit
Date of birth20 February 1969 Edit
Place of birthAvatime-Vame Edit
Native languageEwe Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish, Ewe, Twi Edit
Occupationactor, entrepreneur, film producer Edit
Educated atUniversity of Ghana, Ghana Institute of Journalism, Mawuli School Edit
Work period (start)1987 Edit
Award receivedfilm award Edit

Akofa Edjeani (dem born am 20 February 1969) be Ghanaian veteran film actress, producer den entrepreneur. Ein short film, Not My Daughter (ebi film about female genital mutilation), wey de film win Best Short Film award for African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for 2008 insyd, den I Sing of a Well, ebi movie wey she star for insyd wey she san co-produce am, de film win three awards den de Best Jury Award from African Movie Academy Awards for 2010 insyd.[1][2][3][4][5]

Ein early life den education

Dem born Akofa for 20 February 1969 insyd for Ghana.[6] She get ein secondary school education for Mawuli School wer she start dey act as member of de school ein drama club.[7] She dey hold bachelor's degree for arts insyd from de University of Ghana Performing Arts den certificate for PR, Marketing den advertising insyd from de Ghana Institute of Journalism (1995).[8] She b de sisto of Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu.

Ein career

Edjeani be actress, she study Performing Arts for University of Ghana. She act for several Ghanaian den Nigerian-Ghanaian movies insyd since mid 1990s.[9] For 1995, She act for de movie For Better For Worse, 2015 wey she feature for de British-Ghanaian award-winning movie, De Cursed Ones.[9][10] Na she be member of de Interim Governing Council of de Ghana Culture Forum.[11]

Ein life matter

Edjeani marry Robert Asiedu for ova 20 years, wey dem later separate den divorce. For July 2018 insyd, she talk for ein interview plus Deloris Frimpong Manso, for ein show, De Delay Show say she divorce but she dey date wey she dey plan den marry again. She get two kiddies.[12][13]

Ein oda ventures

Edjeani dey run sam restaurant for Kanda wey dey Accra, as at 2016 she talk for sam interview bi insyd say she set up de restaurant 17 years ago so say she go sell food den take support ein family.[14]

Ein selected filmography

  • For Better For Worse 1995
  • Dirty Tears
  • Jennifer
  • When the Heart Decides
  • Harvest at 17
  • Divine Love
  • ꞌꞌExpectationsꞌꞌ
  • Holby City
  • My Mother's Heart 1&2
  • Life in Slow Motion
  • Pieces of Me
  • De Cursed Ones
  • Children of de Mountain
  • Sidechic Gang
  • Lucky
  • Azali
  • Cant Say Mother
  • Dark Spot
  • Fools in Love
  • Not my Daughter
  • I Sing of a Well
  • Aloe Vera


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