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Ahanta people
ethnic group
CountryGhana Edit

De Ahanta/Ayinda be Akan people wey dey live north den east for de Nzema. Dem know Ahanta land historically as one of de richest areas for de coast of what now be Ghana.

De Ahanta land dey span from Beposo go Ankobra what now be de Western Region for de Republic of Ghana, e be regional power wey dey de form of confederacy of chiefdoms wey come in early contact plus de European nations wey settle for de Gold Coast top for de purpose of trade.[1]


Dem derive de name "Ahanta" from nta, Akan for "de twins".[2]


De Ahanta people dey celebrate de Kundum festival. Kundum be harvest festival wey dey involve dancing, drumming den feasting. Na e be religious festival wey dem dey use to expel evil spirits comot de town. Now nu, dem dey celebrate Kundum so say dem go preserve de culture of de Ahanta people den neighboring Nzema. Na de festival be one month long, but dem condense am to eight days.

Ahantas dey practise traditional African religion, Christianity, den Islam to some lesser extent.

Notable people

  • Ebo Quagraine, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Coach den Co-Founder of Propertyzz.com
  • Nana Kobina Nketsia IV, first African vice chancellor of University of Ghana.[3]
  • John Canoe, Junkanoo festival wey dem dey celebrate for de Caribbean inside, den North Caroline in hin honour.
  • Otumfour Badu Bonsu II, Ahanta King


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