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Agricultural Food and Allied Democratic Workers Union
labor union
Industryfood manufacturing Edit
Inception2016 Edit
CountrySouth Africa Edit

De Agricultural Food den Allied Democratic Workers Union (AFADWU) be trade union wey dey represent food processing workers for South Africa insyd.

Dem form de union for 2016 insyd afta de dismissal of sam army of worker leaders, shop stewards den officials by de Food den Allied Workers Union (FAWU).[1] FAWU san disaffiliate dema body from de Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU).[2]

AFADWU be sam association of employees wey dema principal purpose be say dem go regulate relations between employees den employers, wey dey include any employers' organisations. For 17th of April 2018 insyd, dem legally register AFADWU plus de Department of Employment den Labour[3] for terms of de Labour Relations Act No 66 of 1995 as amended.

For 2018 insyd, dem accept AFADWU as affiliate of COSATU.[2]

Dema Leadership

2020 (Current Officeholders)

Dema Current National Office Bearers[4]

President Walter Msimang
1st Deputy President Tumi Seitshiro
2nd Deputy President Phumla Gxalaba
General Secretary Mlamleli Pukwana
Deputy General Secretary Thupudi Mabunele
National Treasure Nelisiwe Nxumalo

Dema Current Provincial Secretaries

Eastern Cape: Victor Mbaza | Free State: Thulani Klass | Gauteng: Lucas Mbambo | KwaZulu-Natal: Mtokhona Ngcobo | Limpopo: Jan Maifala | Mpumalanga: Elias Mgwenya | Western Cape: Michael Helu[5]

2018 (Previous Officeholders)

Dema Previous National Office Bearers

President Norman Chauke
1st Deputy President Walter Msimang
2nd Deputy President Philip Mochane
General Secretary Thupudi Mabunele
Deputy General Secretary Howard Mbana
National Treasure Martha Lukhele

Dema Campaigns

Dema Buy Local Campaign

AFADWU, de FairPlay Movement, Proudly South African den oda trade unions launch sam campaign so say ego promote de consumption of local chicken.[6][7]


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