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African Union Passport
Subclass ofinternational passport Edit
CountryRwanda Edit
Applies to jurisdictionAfrican Union, Africa Edit
Language of work or nameArabic, English, French, Portuguese, Swahili Edit
Issued byAfrican Union Edit

De African Union Passport be common passport document way dem dey do say say e go replace de ones way de countries for the Africa Union dey give way e saa dey make de people way dey hold am no go need any visa biaa if dem dey wan go any of the 55 countries way dey Africa[1][2][3]. Dem launch on 17th July, 2016, for the Ordinary Session of de African Union way go on for Kigali, Rwanda, ebi the Rwandan President Paul Kagame den de late Chadian President Idriss Déby[4][5][6]. By June 2018 dem plan say dem go roll out de passports den ready for use for every border by 2020[7], but dem delay de roll out till 2021[8]


Dem get three types of the African Union passport way dem go give out:

Ordinary passport

Dem dey issue dis passport give citizens, way dey wan travel occasionally lyk vacations den business trips

Official/Service passport

Dem dey give dis passport to officials way dey job for government institutions way go travel for official business.

Diplomatic passport

Dem dey give diplomats den consuls for work related travels plus de people dependents on dem

Temporary passport

Dis passport be give citizens way dey travel or natives of African countries who no fit get dema passports sekof some reasons such as robbery, theft or accidents. e dey last for 6 months to a year


Dem write for Arabic, English, French, Portuguese den Swahili[9] for de passport inside. De Africa Union anthem lyrics dey dey page after de bio page.


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