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African Airlines Association
trade association
Inception1 April 1968 Edit
Short nameAFRAA, AFRAA Edit
CountryKenya Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityNairobi Edit
Coordinate location1°19′30″S 36°50′20″E Edit
Location of formationAccra Edit
Headquarters locationNairobi Edit
Official websitehttps://afraa.org/ Edit
Operating areaAfrica Edit

De African Airlines Association (French: Association des Compagnies Aériennes Africaines), way dem abbreviate am AFRAA be trade association give African airlines. Dem found AFRAA for Accra, Ghana in 1968, way de headquarters dey Nairobi, Kenya. Dema main purpose be say dem go establish den facilitate cooperation between African airlines.

Dem form the African Airlines Association sekof historic developments den economic imperatives. For de early 1960s, bunch African countries get independence way dem create dema national airlines. Bunch of dis airlines join the International Air Transport Association

AFRAA begin for 1963 inside, sekof bunch African airlines dey use de opportunity way IATA dey give for dema Annual General Meeting (AGM), dem start dey hold consultation meeting before the IATA AGMs so say dem go discuss matters way go interest African airlines den adopt dema position. Dis be the first step dem take to create de AFRAA. After de first step for Rome in 1963, den establishment happen for 1968 in Accra, way dem get 14 founding members