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Adjoa Bayor
Sex or genderfemale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Given nameAdwoa Edit
Family nameBayor Edit
Date of birth17 May 1979 Edit
Place of birthAccra Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedEnglish Edit
Occupationassociation football player Edit
Position played on team / specialitymidfielder Edit
Educated atRobert Morris University Illinois Edit
Member of sports teamF.C. Indiana, FF USV Jena, F.C. Indiana, Ghana women's national football team, Rochester New York FC Edit
Sportassociation football Edit
Sport number10 Edit
Participant in2007 FIFA Women's World Cup Edit

Adjoa Bayor (dem born am 17 May 1979) be Ghanaian former footballer wey play as midfielder. Na she be captain give de Ghana women's national team.[1][2]

Ein international career

Na Bayor be part of de Ghana women's national football team for 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup insyd for United States.

Ein career

Na she be member of de World All Stars team wey play against de China women's national football team for April 2007 insyd for Wuhan wey dey China.[3][4]

She play give Ghatel Ladies for Accra, Ghana wey she san play give FC Indiana wey dey United States. Bayor join de team for 21 January 2009 insyd for FF USV Jena.[5]

CAF select am for 2018 insyd say make she assist de Deputy Secretary, Anthony Baffoe for football den development insyd so say dem go conduct de draw give Africa Women Cup of Nations.[6]


Na Adjoa Bayor be captain give de Ghana national team for World Cup for China for September 2007 insyd. Although Ghana no pass de group stage, Bayor score remarkable goal from sam free kick just outside Norway's penalty area as she face de wrong way as another player run up wey jump ova de ball, den she casually turn den shot.


CAF vote give am as African Women Footballer of de Year for 2003 insyd wey na she dey contention for 2004 den 2006 insyd.[3]


  • 2003 — African Women Player of de Year.[7][8]


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