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Adjetey Sowah
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipGhana Edit
Given nameAdjetey Edit
Family nameSowah Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedGa Edit
Occupationdancer Edit

Adjetey Sowah be Ghanaian former dance champion, he win de 1980 dance competition give Ghana den de 1986 world dance champion for Malibu wey dey England insyd.[1]

Ein early life

Dem born am for Accra, ein dance moves come improve as dem appoint am as leader for traditional dance group for class six.

Ein career

He win de 1980 dance competition for Ghana insyd den he san so win de world dance competition in 1986 wey dem do am for England Malibu insyd.[2] He be de first ever dancer wey komot from Ghana wey fill stadium.[3]


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