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chef-lieu, city
Native languageSehwi Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Capital ofBia East District Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityBia East District Edit
Coordinate location6°49′16″N 3°1′10″W Edit

Adabokrom be town insyd Western North Region of Ghana. Ebe de capital of Bia East. Adabokrom be de name de District capital for de Bia East District wey dem split am from Bia District insyd 2012.[1] Adabokrom be about 250 km west of Kumasi.[2] De town be noted for ein cocoa production.[3]


De settlement for Adabokrom begin insyd de twentieth century wey ebe cocoa industry wey drive am. According to oral histories, until cocoa Adabokrom be dense forest zone plus one hamlet.


De soil insyd dis zone be mainly for demma ferric acrisols den dystricfluvisols type. Ferric acrisols dey cover about 98% of de District, wey edey supports demma cultivation of crops wey edey include cocoa, coffee, oil palm, plantain, cocoyam den cassava, den oda vegetables.


Migrant cocoa farmers such as Asantes, Bonos, Kusasis, de Ahantas, Ewes, come settle for Adabokrom. About 70% of demma cocoa farms insyd de district dey belong to demma migrant community.[4]


Adabokrom Grotto dey for de town ein outskirts. Edey consists of small rocky peak plus natural formations den scenery. Edey serve as demma sacred religious worship centre for demma annual pilgrimage for de Catholic community. A natural spring dey insyd de midst of demma attractive rocks couples plus ein serene environment.[5]

De Elluoe (Yam Festival) dem dey celebrate am insyd November–December by de Sefwi people. Edey symbolise demma first (minor) harvest for de new yam usually around July den August. As customs dey demand, dem prohibit demma chiefs make dem no chop demma new yam until dem do appropriate rituals.[6]

Adabokrom vegetation be of de moist semi-deciduous (equatorial rain forest) ein type. De forest vegetation get ein own variety of tree species wey edey include wawa (Triplochitonselerexylon), mahogany (Khayainvorensis), esa (Celtis), ofram (Terminalia superba), edinam (Entandrophragmaivorensio), onyina (Ceiba petandra), kyenkyen (Antiaris Africana) den odum (Milicia exelsa).[7]


Lyk for all de oda communities wey dey within de Sefwi-Wiawso traditional area, de chiefs den de people of Sefwi Adabokrom dey celebrate de Alluolue Festival. Dis be festival wey dey mark event dat take place for demma past wey dem san dey give thanks for demma gods for de yam harvest.[8]


Farming: Demma primary occupation be farming, wey edey include cultivation of cash crops den food crops. De predominant cash crop grown insyd dis area be cocoa. De cocoa sector dey offers dem de biggest employment den income, wey esan dey employing about 80% of demma working population. Another important farming activity insyd dis area be livestock rearing.[9]

Trading: Adabokrom no be commercial center. However, Thursdays be demma weekly market day for major towns such as : Kumasi, Dormaa Ahenkro, Mim Ahafo den oda places. Sake of demma poor nature of roads insyd Adabokrom den ein catchment areas, farmers dey find am difficult say dem dey transport demma produce go demma market center.[10]


De notable educational institution wey dey for dis town insyd be de Adabokrom Community Senior high school.[11]


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