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human settlement
ContinentAfrica Edit
CountryGhana Edit
Capital ofAkuapim South District Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityAkuapim South District, Eastern Region Edit
Coordinate location5°51′0″N 0°11′0″W Edit
Located in time zoneGreenwich Mean Time, UTC±00:00 Edit

Aburi be sum town for de Akuapim South Municipal District insyd of de Eastern Region of south Ghana wey ebe famous for de Aburi Botanical Gardens den de Odwira festival.[1][2][3] Aburi get population of 18,701 people as of 2013.[4]



A street in the town of Aburi

Aburi dey north east of Accra, wey de journey from Accra go Aburi be about 45 mins.

Secof de altitude of Aburi, de climate be cooler pass Accra. De road wey dey climb de hillside go Aburi be sum toll road, plus de current toll be 0.50 Ghc for car, 1.00 Ghc for 4x4.

Higher charges dey for vans den lorries. From de road most of Greater Accra be visible below, although de one stopping space for de picture for dis section of road top get sum "No Stopping" sign.


Aburi get chaw primary education, secondary education, higher education den further education institutions wey Aburi be home give Aburi Presbyterian Technical Secondary School, wey ein den De Sixth Form College, Farnborough wey dey Hampshire for England get link. Aburi san be home give Aburi Girls' Senior High School wey de Presbyterian Church start am. Aburi san dey host de Great Adonten Senior High School. For post secondary education, you go fi find de Presbyterian women's college of Education, wey formally be PWTC Training college.

History den economy

De name Aburi be de adulterated version of ABUDE by de European missionaries den traders. Secof Aburi ein location for de mountains of Ghana top den ein proximity go de coast of Ghana, British residents set up sum agricultural research near Aburi for 1891 insyd. Na de area of de garden originally dey consist of 20 hectares, for 1901 insyd na 17.8 hectares dey wey for 1902 insyd ecam more than 40 hectares of new acquisitions, wey dem discover for de last expansion plis considerable resistance. Ultimately, de expansion take place only thru de application of governmental authority ova state expropriation. Na de purpose of de Botanical Garden be originally say ego test field-building opportunities den develop, wey dey contribute give greater financial independence of Ghana. Na de focus of de garden be primarily for culture experiments insyd plus indigenous crops such as cocoa, rubber plants den cola. For addition, na ornamental den fruit plants wey den grow of various kinds den small field trials plus cotton den spices, vanilla den pepper mainly for cardamom top den nutmeg san dey. Sum inventory dem do for 21 July 1900 insyd, dey list 350 different plant species wey dem grow for Aburi insyd. For 1903 insyd, for de center of de garden, na sum plant be dey wey dem dey bell am sanatorium. For 1901 insyd, na de expenditure for de garden be equivalent of 44,312 marks (wey na ebe German marks). Especially for de cotton experiments, dem employ sum cotton planter expert from de United States (Texas) wey ein name be Edmund Fisher, wey however, na he be unfavorable for cotton for de rain forest insyd, wey dey Aburi, wey eget only sum few small test plots. Dem build sum big cotton research station for Edmund Fisher ein recommendation for de grasslands by de Volta River wey dem build, wey wer dem grow de cotton be de native culture from tym immemorial wey dem make clothing from de cotton.

Eno be only sum experimental farm wey dem establish, but esan dey try cheer up de locals so say ego expand demma cotton production. Dem accomplish de latter mainly through de distribution of seeds give de chiefs for connection plus sum purchase guarantee for all cotton wey dem harvest for sum central market wey dey buy for (9 ' N, 0 ° 6 ' O) for de Volta top, wer dem go fi accommodate cotton easily plus water. For de Volta River insyd san go fi be de removal of de cotton. De most distant of de cotton growing area for Eastern region of Ghana insyd, be de landscape area wey be about 13–15 km from de Volta River. Dem san use for treatment of raw cotton den wer dem build de Ginstation.

Today, for de grounds of de only botanical garden top wey dey Aburi, Ghana, be mainly home give many plants wey dem no be original native give Eastern region, but sum collection of tropical plants wey dem add.


Aburi be host give one of de finest wood markets wey eno be only for Ghana insyd but for Africa insyd. Rumour dey say Aburi goods wey dem dey manufacture for de Aburi markets find demma way go South Africa say dem dey go sell give tourists.

Aburi Botanical Gardens be result of sum well known Ghanaian tourist destination.

Hotels den lodges

Aburi be home give chaw resorts den lodges give visitors. Peduasi Valley Resort, Hillburi, De Landsdown Resort, De Cactus Creek Hotel


  • Kom Presbyterian Clinic[5]

Notable personalities

Aburi be de birthplace for, anaa home give, chaw notable people wey dey include:

  • Joyce Bamford-Addo - first female Justice for de Supreme Court of Ghana[6] den first female Speaker of Parliament of de Fourth Republic
  • E. A. Boateng - First vice chancellor of de University of Cape Coast
  • Josiah Ofori Boateng - Retired Justice of de Supreme Court of Ghana
  • Alexander Worthy Clerk - Jamaican Moravian missionary den educator to de Gold Coast
  • Nicholas Timothy Clerk - Gold Coast theologian, missionary den minister, first Synod Clerk, Presbyterian Church of de Gold Coast
  • Carl Henry Clerk - Ghanaian educator, journalist den minister, fourth Synod Clerk, Presbyterian Church of de Gold Coast
  • Jane E. Clerk - Gold Coast educator den public education administrator
  • Ohene Djan - Ghanaian Sports Administrator
  • Samia Nkrumah - Ghanaian politician; daughter of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana ein first leader


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