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United States of America
Flag of the United States.svg Greater coat of arms of the United States.svg
USA orthographic.svg
Capital cite: Washingtoun, D.C.
Langage: Newe Englissh
Superfice: 9,147,590 km2
Peple: 328,239,523

Þe United States of America biþ a contree wiþ fifty states bisettede ynne Norþe America. It was crēāten on July IV, MDCCLXXVI. Manī pẹ̄ple want to liven in America bicause of þe American Drēm. Þe President of þe United States biþ Joseph Biden. Þe byggest state by superfice is Alaska, and þe state wiþ þe mōst peple is California. Þe second byggest state by boþ superfice and nombren of peple is Texas. Þe neighebors of þe United States are Mexico and Canada.

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