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United Kyngdome
Newe Engliſch: United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg
Capital cite: Lundene
Langage: Engliſch langage
Superfice: 242,495 km2
Peple: 67,886,004

Þe United Kyngdome biþ a contree in Norþ Weſterne Evrope. Hit is so nemned for þat hit ys a menging of fower reaumes þat er weren souvereigne covntrees (or þerof a partie), þat ben Engelond, and Skotlond, and Wales, and Norþerne Yrlond. Qveen Elizabeþ ij rixleth þat contree sithen longe.