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Þe martirdom of Thomas Becket

Þomas Becket was a Normaniſshe clerk, Chaunceler of Engelond, and Archebiſhep of Caunterbirye, þat was on liue abowte mcxviij til mclxx. He wes a speedi merchauntes sone of Londene. Fower knyȝtes mvrthreden him anno domini mclxx, and forþi was he procleimed a holi martyr and maked to seinte anno domini mclxxiij.

In childhod lernede he his lore at an Awſtin priorie and gode scolys at Lvndene and Parys. Þerafter werkede he as clerke and iþeedde he Archebiſchep Theobaldes retenue. Me seide he hadde moche wit. King Henri II ches him to his chaunceler anno domini mcliiij. As chanceler he was þe kynges fulle frend and leel seruant. Ak þo þe king makede hym to Archebiſchop anno domini mclxi, þo turnde he his lealte al to þe Chirche. He weex ful devout and ſtod aȝen þe king, þat þe latre gromede wel muche, and Thomas fleȝ to Fraunce. Sithen quoþ þe kynge a certayne wraþful quide þat sum man scholde quellen Thomas, and his kniȝtes so diden.