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A grene frogge.

A frogge biþ a smale beaste wiþ foure leggys, whyche liueþ booþ in le watyre and on londe. It is broune or grene or yelowe; or be it tropyckal, he may eben haue dyuers coloures, and liue in treys. It haþ longys and guilles booþe. Froggen need þe watyre to spawne. The frogge haccheþ from an ey and it þan ete ys a tadpolle. It groweþ to þon a frogge, if it þan ne be nought eten.

It ets smalle bogs like crikets, fliys, er even wurms. Þey haþ tungs þat beþ long and holdeþ fast to quarrie. A frogge biþ founde in al contynens ecsept Antartika.

Mixid cundes of froggen (Anura).

A frogge biþ broþers wiþ a toade. Toades biþ froggen wiþ drye þicke sken.