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Newe Engliſch: England
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Capital cite: Lundene
Langage: Engliſch langage
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Scots langage

Superfice: 130,279
Peple: 54,316,600

Engelond biþ a contree which biþ part of þe United Kyngdome.

Etymologie[edit | edit source]

Þe name "Engelond" biþ deriveþ from þe word Engla (or Angla) land, which meneþ lond of þe Angles. Þe angles weren a germane tribe þat ſetlede in Engelond durynge þe Middle-ages.

Hiſtorie[edit | edit source]

Þe erliest knowen proof of humane præſence in þis area nou knowen as Engelond was þat of Homo anteceſſor, datinge aboute 780.000 geare ago. Þe oldeste proto-humane bones diſcovred in Engelond datinge aboute from 500.000 ȝeare ago. Þe curraunte men be knowen haþ ſetlen in þat area during þe ſtone-age. After þe laſt is-age oonly muchel beastes such as mammoþ, biſon and wolly rhinoceros left. Aboute xi m. ȝeare ago whann þe is-ſchet bigan to wiþdrawen, men ſetlen þer againe. Þe ſee was lower þanne nu, and þerfore Britaine was bounde to Irelond and Europe. Whann þe ſee raisde it was parted from Irelond aboute x m. ȝeare ago and from Europe ii m. ȝeare latere. Þe biker pepul arriven aboute ii m & d. BC brohten drinken and foode vesþeles ymaked from cley. And veſeles as a pot of reduccion to ſmelten coper oor.

Middle-age[edit | edit source]

Engelond in þe Middle-age tyme ben aboute þe Hiſtorie of Engelond durynge þe mediaeval tyme from þe ende of þe fifþe centurie to þe fifþende centurie.

Romane milertary wiþdrawales left Britaine open to taken be heþen werreoures from norþ-westward europe chefly ſaxones, angles, jutes and frieſianes who hadde Long raided þe costes of þe romane provynces and bigunne ſetlen in þe esterne part of þe contree. Þair advaunce was repelled for ſum decades after þe britones victorie at þe batel of Mount Badon but afterward continued conquereþ þe plentive lond of Britaine and cutten þe area under bryþonic rule to a rowe of ſingle regiounes in þe more rugged contree to þe west be þe ende of þe sexte centurie. Coæval ſcrites descriven þis tyme most ſcarce.

Þis tyme is yknowen wel as Anglo-Saxone Engelond, and wiþinne þis tyme com Englissh to ben þe heighe speche of Britaine. Howasevre was þe tyme to enden in þe elevenþe centurie whanne þe Normaunes fro Frankia comen and wonnen þe batell of Hastynges in 1066, and þus ended þe lourdsshippe of þe Anglo-Saxones.

Gouvernaunce[edit | edit source]

A part of Gret Britaine, Engelond biþ a parliamentel monarchie. Þer hadde noght biþ a governement of Engelond sinnes 1707. Andweardly, Cwene Elizabeþ II biþ þe bretwalda. Þe andweard Prime Ministre biþ Boris Johnson.