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Cookyng, or cokerie or cury, is þe diȝting of fode. Wuneliche bitokneth hit to wenden and transmuten þe fode with heat, and ofte comprehendeþ þe menging of ingredientes.

Certein mete me nedeth coken for to doon hyt sauf to eten.

Maneres of Cury[edit | edit source]

Mete mai been ydiȝt a diuers wise:

  • Seeþen, or boylen, ys to coken þe fode in hoot water.
  • Baken is to coken þe mete in an oven.
  • Frien is to coken þe mete yn olie or in smere.
  • Rosten biþ to coken þe fode over fyre.
  • Steamen is to coken þe mete in steme.