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Chesse biþ a strateagic geme mede in þe VII sentury ADE. It is pleyed with paeces called, Pon, Knyght, Beeshop, Rok, Quene, and Kinge. A chē̆k beeþ A call uttered in chess when the opponent's king (or another important figure) is under attack: check!, guard!; (b) fig. halt!. Þe wae þat þis geme woks is yǒu have to prōtecten yǒur Kinge whyle þraeteneng þe oponen's Kinge laedyng to a chekmat. A chekmat be wen þou Kinge can nay mouve, or þe oponen's Kinge can nay mouve (þou Kinge or þe oponen's Kinge mustest bī in mid of a chē̆k). A stāle beeþ whanne þou Kinge beeþ nat āble tọ̄̆ mẹ̄ven. Þe different tetlis bī ordre beeþ CM (candidāte maſter), FM (fide maſter), NM(nāciǒunel maſter), IM (inter-nāciǒunel maſter), and GM(grauntmaſter). A person who hævest 3 grauntmaſter norms be cleped a grauntmaſter, þis beeþ þe hæhsten adward-ableāble tetil.