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A ſute of Goþic plate armure

Armure is uſed by peple, Maſchines, moueris of puple & ſtoffure, Beeſtis, Buyldingis, and dyuers oþir þingis for to hilen hem ſilfis fro þe wepenes of her foos. It ben cloþis eiþir keueryng. Armure comeþ in moni ſortes. Armure is maad fro ſtronge þingis, and ſumtym is ful weiȝti. Þe ſympliſt & oldiſt armure is findiȝ cloþ or leþer and was ofte vſid bi ȝemen and ſoudioures in þe Americas, Aſie, and Africa. Plate and chaine armure weren vſid by knyȝtes in tymis aftir ſymple armure was vſid, but biforn newe tymis. Plate armure is iren plates wered. Chaine maille is cercles of iren linked betweyen hem ſilfis. Nou, armure is ofte maad bi trammes wiþ metales, eiþir more ofte plaſtic eiþir cloþ maad fro plaſtic, þe whiche ben ſumtym maad in layeris, þe whiche mak hem ful ſtronge.

For Moueris of Puple & Stoffure[edit | edit source]

Armure vſid for moueris of puple & ſtoffure ben moſt ofte maad fro metailis and moun ſumtym haue layeris wiþ opin ſpacis in þe myddil(ſpacid armure) eiþir moni layeris of metail; crocke(cokid cley), & oþir maner ſtoffure.