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Þe peple in Þe Caunterbury Tales.

Þe Caunterbury Tales beeþ a recueil of schore-and-faur spelles be Geoffrey Chaucer þe whiche containeþ tales ytolde be pilgrymes of his ficcioun on wei to þe chirche of St. Thomas Becket in Caunterbury.

Þe Caunterbury Tales aren belike þe most weliknowen Englissh werk in þe middle-ages. Ywritten be Geoffrey Chaucer negh þe ende of his lifes, þe werk haþ þoled in dyverse fragmentes.

A groupe of xxix pilgrimes and þe tellere "Chaucer" meten atte Tabart Inne in Southwerke souþ of Londune. Harry Baily þe ouere proposeth þat thei faren to Caunterburie togedere and ech scholde tellen foure spelles, two þider and two þennes mo.

Þe prise for þe winnere is a fre mel.

Chauceres purpos was to schewen a pycture of þe Englyshe peple to his readeres. He schowed þe foghelle off sosieti and peple in fayre humour.