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Biblabial[edit | edit source]

Stops: p /p/, b /b/

Nasals: m /m/

Labio-Dental[edit | edit source]

Fricatives: f /f/, v /v/

Dental[edit | edit source]

Stops: t /t̪/, d /d̪/

Nasals: n /n̪/

Trill: r /r/

Alveolar[edit | edit source]

Fricatives: s /s/, z /z/

Laterals: l /l/

Palatal[edit | edit source]

Nasal: n /ɲ/

Approximate: y /j/

Lateral: y /ʎ/

Velar[edit | edit source]

Stop: k /k/ g /g/

Nasal: ng, o, nk /ŋ/[1]

  1. The Oxford Guide to Romance Languages, page 135