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{{{flag}}} {{{emblem}}}
بیرگ نشان
وطنی ین سرود: {{{national_anthem}}}
دارالحکومت یا پایتخت {{{capital}}}
مزنین شار {{{largest_city}}}
ملی ین زبان {{{official_languages}}}
دیگرین زبان {{{other_languages}}}
- نظام {{{system}}}
- {{{title_head_govt_1}}} {{{name_head_govt_1}}}
- {{{title_head_govt_2}}} {{{name_head_govt_2}}}
- Kulloí {{{area}}}
- آپ {{{water}}}
جمعیت {{{population}}}
پول یا زر {{{currency}}}
وخت {{{time_zone}}}
تلوپنی کوڈ نمبر {{{calling_code}}}
Internet TLD {{{internet_tld}}}
[دیستین]  [ایڈیٹ کورتین]  [دپتر]  [جوڑ کورتین] سند پیش کورتین 

Usage[edit source]

{{Wp/bcc/مُلکانی معلوماتانی جعبه بکس
| name =
| flag =
| emblem =
| national_anthem =
| map =
| capital =
| largest_city =
| official_languages =
| other_languages =
| system =
| title_head_govt_1 =
| name_head_govt_1 =
| title_head_govt_2 =
| name_head_govt_2 =
| area =
| water =
| population =
| currency =
| time_zone =
| calling_code =
| internet_tld =

Legend[edit source]

name Name of the country.
flag Link to image of flag. 100px wide.
emblem Link to image of emblem, such as a coat of arms or seal. 100px wide.
national_anthem The title of the national anthem.
map Link to map image (orthographic projection style). 220px wide.
capital Name of the capital city.
largest_city Name of the largest city according to population.
official_languages Names of the official languages of the country.
other_languages Names of other major languages spoken.
system Name of the government system.
title_head_govt_1 Title of the head of government. There are two entries given for this as most government systems have at least two major titles, like president/vice president or president/prime minister. These two options shall be selected according to the government system in a country. Here are some titles with their Bráhuí alternatives:

President = Sadar

Vice President = Náib Sadar

Prime Minister = Vazír Ázum

King = Bádşáh

name_head_govt_1 Name of th person who is title_head_govt_1 according to the previous option.
title_head_govt_2 Same as title_head_govt_1.
name_head_govt_2 Same as name_head_govt_1
area Area in terms of land-mass on the Earth's surface in square kilometers.
water Mentioned in percentage.
population Population of the country.
currency Currency name its abbreviation and code.
time_zone Timezone of the country.
calling_code Calling code of the country.
internet_tld Internet TLD of the country.