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Eyi ìre Wìkìpedia Usem Obolo (ann).

Wìkìpedia Usem Obolo
Wìkìpedia Usem Obolo
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Wìkìpedia Usem Obolo

Adasi akpọk ikpa ire eyi. Wìkìpedia ìre ikpele ikpa ifuk-ibot eyi ene geelek, mè owu si, môkọtbe igọọk ige. Ire oriọọn̄ itumu usem yi, owu môkọt itap ubọk irọ inyi ikwaan̄ isasa ifuk-ibot ijuuk igbet ebi ìkitumu usem yi ije ifo isi. Ire okaan̄ inu oboge, kakiket ukot; kakikikene si. Jibi ije wup! Ire, ge me usem ekisa ige Obolo me ikpa, ufuna otutuuk ene ekọt efuk mè egobo etet.

Si me ere keyi ke owu mômun̄ inu eweekbe ibe owu orọ inyi ògọọk òkoge inu me ikpa yi.

Welcome to Obolo Wikipedia!

This series of pages is for a test-wikipedia in the Obolo language. The request for the creation of the Obolo Wikipedia will be approved if and when there is sufficient article content. When it is approved, all content here would be moved to the actual Wikipedia.

Because this is a test-wikipedia all articles here must begin with the format [[Wp/ann/Name of article]]. For example, an article about the Obolo Bible, Ikpa Mbuban, should be titled here as Wp/ann/Ikpa Mbuban. (Of course in the actual Wikipedia, the article would be titled as [[Ikpa Mbuban]].

This is the main page of Obolo Test-Wikipedia.

There are 112 articles and 5 templates so far.
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