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This is a '''temporary''' official policy on Sylheti Wikinews at the Wikimedia Incubator (19 July 2023). A subsequent policy can be developed through consensus.

Development stage[edit | edit source]

Before the review, the article may be developed, and this will be noted by the {{Develop}} tag. Articles in development mean that they need more information and sources, or the article is currently a work in progress.

Users in the class Reviewer can mark revisions of the article as sighted (review). Reviewers should not sight/review articles in development.

(Note: The term "review" in this case does not mean that the article has passed the review stage, but rather that the particular revision marked can be seen by logged-out editors and IP viewers.)

Review stage[edit | edit source]

Before publication, all articles should be reviewed. Please note that only users who have the reviewer permission should review and publish articles'. In Wikimedia Incubator there are no reviewer rights available for users, normally review is done by a user who was uninvolved in the development of the article. In this case, one user can write an article another user should review the article. In case no reviewer available, mark the article as 'Test' by using {{Wp/syl/Test}} template or simply comment as Test in your self Review. We encourage you to become a reviewer and help us improve the quality of the Sylheti Wikinews.

  1. To ask for an article to be reviewed {{Review}} should be added to the article. {{Develop}} gets replaced by the review template, once the article has enough information, and has been checked for spelling and grammar errors.
  2. The reviewer should check the article against the guidelines below.
  3. Once complete, the review notes along with a pass or fail of the review process, should be placed on the article's talk page by the reviewer. Templates for passing or failing review can be found here.

Checklist[edit | edit source]

When reviewing the article, the reviewer must check the following:

  1. Copyright: The reviewer should check that the text and images are not copyright infringement.
  2. Newsworthiness: The reviewer should check that the article is newsworthy.
  3. Verifiability: The reviewer should check that all information in the article is fully sourced, (using multiple independent sources is strongly encouraged) or has adequate Original Reporting notes.
  4. NPOV: The reviewer should check that all information in the article is written in a neutral and unbiased manner, with no editorial commentary/advocacy or unsourced opinion.
  5. Style: Not available yet.

Publish stage and review notes[edit | edit source]

  1. After reviewing an article and making the appropriate edits, {{Peer reviewed}} (with all parameters filled) should be added to the talk page of the article.

Note: Quality stage and Post-publish revisions - stages are not introduced yet.

Wikinews headlines[edit | edit source]

Translations of Wikinews headlines from other language editions don't need a review, but they must be linked with the original article.