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Defence of the wikipedia in ancient greek[edit source]

There is a discussion about it, with a passional defense of our proyect in the board of language subcommittee titled Latina Wikipedia closing and hellenic wikipedia opening that is currently continued in the list of wikimedia title Allow new wikis in extinct languages?. if you want to susbcribe to the list enter here. you can help providing good arguments to get a reconsideration

Ἀλβιών ἢ Βρεττανία ἢ Πρεττανία;[edit source]

Could you tell me which authors use Ἀλβιών, and whether it corresponds exactly to the modern term "Great Britain"? I think that the terminology regarding the British Isles has always been rather confusing! If it was the word used most often for Britain in Classical Attic, perhaps we should rename the article "Βρεττανία" as "Ἀλβιών" and list Βρεττανία and Πρεττανία as alternative names. Leigh (talk) 13:11, 16 August 2007 (UTC)Reply