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above template based on Meta:Tech/Ambassadors.

What do SignWriting ambassadors do?

Help other users Watch technical discussions on your home wiki, and help your fellow Wikimedians by answering their questions about the software, templates, etc.

If you're able, help them diagnose their issues, and solve the technical problems they encounter.

Relay tech news Read the SignWriting News, and inform the rest of your community about what is going to impact them.

Invite other people to read, and if you can, help write the SignWriting News.

Report bugs If it's too difficult or impossible to solve the problem on your wiki, report issues and feature requests on the main SignWriting Tech page..

Follow the discussion and, if necessary, help the developers. When the problem is solved, inform your fellow Wikimedians on your home wiki.

Get more involved If you want to go beyond ambassador-type activities, there are many ways in which you can help.

You can help guide the work of our developers, or start designing, coding, or testing software yourself.