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My wiki notes, often outdated or messy. Feel free to comment on anything, or add any useful links or information.

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Individual languages/projects

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  • wp/tly -> active but script issues
  • wp/tyv
  • wp/inh -> not active
  • wp/qug -> stupid code issue
  • berber (converter; narayam; ...)
  • iu -> LanguageConverter created (live); Narayam on localhost


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Info pages

  • [BUG] Wp/sgs -> recognises correctly that it exists in Wp/bat-smg but still links to sgs.wikipedia.org (ideally devs need to move wikis or at least set up redirects!). See also Wp/gsw.
    • Currently checks with wgDummyLanguageCodes, giving the problem of simple->en, and 'als' being a correct code just used for a different language.
  • [FEATURE] Work further on {{#infopage:}} parser function as an automatic {{test wiki}}, see User:SPQRobin/infopage
    • maybe merge meta:langcom/status pages into it
    • maybe add a link to wikimedia.org portal
  • [FEATURE] Logo on info pages should check wgConf for existing projects (maybe later also check MW page for incubating wikis)
  • [IMPROVE] Maybe use a MediaWiki:Infopage.css (=editable on-wiki) instead of an css file directly in the extension
  • [IMPROVE] A new status for languages like Wp/tlh which have valid codes but won't be approved as WMF projects
  • incubatorfirststeps: main page name: doesn't know about parameter on manually created info pages, so suggests "Main_Page" where there is already one :/ Solution: check if info page Title->exists(), ie manually created, in which case refer to info page? (Long term: somehow magically get parameter of info page)
  • incubatorfirststeps: if no main page exists, provide inputbox to translate the Main Page name, *if* I can manage to let it also create a redirect Wx/xyz/Main_Page -> Wx/xyz/Name_from_inputbox
  • Pages like Wy/en, Wp/de should preferably not show the message "The project was created before Incubator started", but sth. like "before wikis were tested on Incubator"
  • Info pages for languages with 639-3 codes for which there is also a 639-2 code should be automatic redirects or explanation pages about the existence of 2 codes, to prevent having to create pages like this


  • [BUG] custom logo doesn't seem to work cfr. wp/sli (MediaWiki:Incubator-logo-wp-sli)
  • [BUG] search by prefix doesn't seem to work
  • [IMPROVE] Searching in existing wiki should say that the wiki exists (+just always link to the info page like on Special:ListUsers)
  • [BUG] recognise prefix (searching for Wx/xyz/Title suggests Wx/xyz/Wx/xyz/Title) gerrit:112663
  • [FEATURE] Automatically "redirect" from Wp/639-3/pages to Wp/639-1/pages. Boring details: even if 639-1 page is unexisting (but not if a page exists with the -3 code)

SearchWiki and www portals

  • [BUG] in Special:SearchWiki it doesn't distinguish correctly between "asa = Asu" (Tanzania) & "asu = Tocantins Asurini" & "aum = Asu" (Nigeria)
  • [FEATURE] ability to search by ISO-639-3 where we use ISO 639-1 (e.g. 'nld' in addition to 'nl')
  • Better search, like portugues and francais for português and français. Maybe also convert between scripts for e.g. Serbian?
  • Expand to other www portals and perhaps find a way to translate the label; maybe use ULS later on


  • [FEATURE] develop Special:PrefixExport or Special:AdvancedExport
  • [FEATURE] Special:IncubatorStatistics
  • [FEATURE] Option to show user contributions to a specific test wiki?
  • [FEATURE] Make the RC filter work not only per test wiki, but also only per project OR language
  • [FEATURE] Make the extension enforce I:CASE for new page creations




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[edit | edit source]
Weekly (more or less)
  • Update Kiwix localisation
Several times a year

The Big Wiki List

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Incubator itself

  • Navigation/Main Page
    • Perhaps a portal with links to pages, or use main page for it
    • Links on translated main pages to projects (Wp/xx, ...)
    • Something like a portal per language?
  • TODO: Update links to redirects with a bot
  • Namespace organisation
    • Perhaps remove unused Lost: namespace
    • Perhaps create Translation: namespace or Use Project:Translation/ for it -- translatwiki.net is preferred
      • Maybe move current MediaWiki translations to it, and either remove translator group or use it for the Translation: namespace
    • Whitelist Category:Incubator:*, Category:Help:*, Category:Templates:*, Category:(-ALL-)* -- done in extension; Danny_B should clean up titleblacklist
  • Improve multilingualism (see Commons e.g. language select for anons)
  • Improve MediaWiki:Welcomecreation
  • "Category:Wx/xx/Page" and "Template:Wx/xx/Page" but "Wx/xx/Portal:Page". How to fix this confusing inconsistency...?
  • Make access to commons as easy as possible to upload files
  • Make it easy for translators to translate
  • If possible, a tool to check who fits the requirements for test-sysopship (+50 pages, valid code, ...), so we can inform them better
  • If possible, a new special page allowing deletion of test wiki i.e. by prefix (DeleteBatch? / MassDelete gadget)
  • 13491 - option to delete subpages like the existing option to move subpages
  • Maybe set $wgNamespaceProtection to disallow edits in File namespace (currently done by Titleblacklist, but I wonder how?)
  • Enable uploads of XML files (on Commons or Incubator?) - 30228
  • Closed wiki importing backlog
  • Push SIL/Ethnologue to provide an API for their site?
Improving wiki creation procedure
  • A kind of "tutorial" or "automated request process" that guides you through the incubator & request process
  • For wiki creation, maybe ask what the name of the main category should be (Category:Wx/xx -> ?)
  • meta:Template:Lc-questionnaire
  • bug 28423 - Do not hardcode message for logo link, make it configurable
  • Deleted images save as "index.ext" -> use normal title
  • Merlissimo: "another feature would be that we can merge the imported edits with the local acccounts if both accounts belong to a sul // imported edit have an rev_user=0 (only rev_user_text is set) and are not added to statistics at user table // e.g. if you rename your username they are not moved ot the new username"
ISO 639 codes
  • Wp/x-fc -> code
    • [FIXME] Not very smart.. "x-fc" is automatically blocked by titleblacklist
  • perhaps submit bug to rename kv (macro) -> kpv
  • qug -> qu-kichwa / qu-ec / ...
  • What do do with nrmwiki: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23216
  • I:P: "# If a test does not have a valid ISO 639 language code, it should be deleted" -> add explanation on code requests
  • 19986 - Wikis waiting to be renamed
  • Maybe make list of existing wikis with invalid ISO 639 codes or other issues (macrolanguages)
  • 'www' should be changed -- decision of August 2011: it will NOT be deprecated :-/
Global Wikimedia


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Wikis in languages defined in langlist, that do not have a database redirect to missing.php (previously using meta:Wikimedia_missing_site_template) which now redirects to Incubator. Pages in the url redirects to the respective page here on Incubator. For Wikisource/Wikiversity, a "missing wiki" notice is still shown.

Languages not in langlist do not work at all (i.e. interwiki links do not work, and "Server not found" when trying to access a wiki).

We should be able to easily set language codes individually, i.e. some codes should redirect to existing wikis (e.g. Quechuan variants can redirect to the existing Quechuan wikis.

Wikimedia chapter

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[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia Belgium

  • Wikimedia België - Vlaamse groep
    • Indien mogelijk, subsidies van Vlaamse gemeenschap
    • Contact met WM NL
  • Wikimédia Belgique - groupe francophone
    • Si c'est possible, une subvention du communauté francophone
    • Contact avec WM FR
  • Wikimedia Deutschsprachig Belgien und Luxembourg [if there is interest]
    • Wenn möglich, Subventionen der Deutschsprachigen gemeinschaft und/oder Luxembourg
    • Kontakt mit WM DE

Organisatie van een evenement hangt af van op welk niveau het plaatsvind:

  • Boekenbeurs & Foire aux livres = apart, dus apart Vlaams & Franstalig respectievelijk
  • Wiki Loves Monuments: zowel Belgisch als per taalgroep
  • Acties omtrent Vlaams parlement = Vlaams, federaal parlement = hangt wss. af van de taalgroep vd partij

Persberichten ofwel eerst in het Engels opstellen en dan de taalgroepen laten vertalen, ofwel gewoon elke taalgroep hun eigen bericht laten maken.

Wikimedia Benelux/Belgium/Vlaanderen

[edit | edit source]

Some notes based on a presentation at Wikimania:

  • Goals: why?
  • bureaucracy: nobody (volunteers) wants to do that. Instead: hire someone (maybe a WM NL employee for several days)
  • do we need money? for what?
  • relationship employees + volunteers
  • goals -> planning -> measures of success -> reporting -> evaluation
  • activities
    • how?
      • objective
      • planning ("werkplan")
      • responsible volunteers
      • targeted gender(s) → more women
    • what?
      • politici: foto, lobbying
      • Wiki Loves Monuments

References on Wikipedia

[edit | edit source]

We need to put as many links as possible on other Wikipedias (adding is important; removing when projects are moved not so :p).

If a Wikipedia doesn't yet have a template, use something like this:

<div style="border:1px solid #aaa; background-color:#F9F9F9; margin:0.5em 0 0.5em 1em; padding:0.2em; float:right; clear:right; width:20em; font-size:90%;">
<div style="float:left;">[[Image:Incubator-notext.svg|50px|none|Wikimedia Incubator]]</div>
<div style="margin-left:60px;">'''''[[:incubator:{{#switch:{{lcfirst:{{{2|}}}}}|wikipedia=Wp|wiktionary=Wt|wikibooks=Wb |wikinews=Wn |wikiquote=Wq|#default={{{prefix|Wp}}}<!-- -->}}/{{{1|}}}|{{{lang|{{PAGENAME}}}}} test]]''''' of [[{{ucfirst:{{{2|Wikipedia}}}}}]] at [[Wikimedia Incubator]]</div>

This is to be placed at the end of a language article, in the same way as the {{tl|InterWiki}} template is used now, but for test Wikipedias on [[incubator:|Incubator]].
* Type <code>{{Incubator|languagecode}}</code> for test Wikipedias
* If the test is not a Wikipedia, type <code>{{Incubator|languagecode|projectname}}</code>
* If the language name is different to the name of the article, add <code>|lang= ''languagename''</code>

For example the French Wikibooks would be <code>{{Incubator|fr|wikibooks}}</code>

[[Category:Interwiki link templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]


Thoughts on the governance and independence of wiki communities and wikis hosted by the WMF

[edit | edit source]

Or, to say it differently, local wiki "government" versus global wiki "government"

There is perhaps already a policy somewhere on Meta or WMFwiki, but I'll just write my thoughts here...

  • Anyone can start a test wiki (other name?) at Wikimedia Incubator, where it is under supervision by local administrators and bureaucrats who are in contact with the Language Committee.
  • One can only obtain an independent wiki (xxx.wikiproject.org) by getting approval of the Language Committee. They are in charge of maintaining a language proposal policy that is in line with the mission and policies of the WMF.
  • Wiki communities decide fairly the policies and guidelines that are to follow on that wiki, as long as they are in line with Wikimedia principles and the mission and policies of the WMF.
  • In case of an incident caused by one or more users, e.g. disputes or local content that does not fit within Wikimedia principles or WMF's vision or policies, any Wikimedian should contact the Global Arbitration Committee [to set up] that has the duty to act upon such issues.
  • In case of issues about the wiki in general, due to which it can be challenged for closure, a Wikimedian may follow the steps as described in the closing projects policy.
    • Type 1: absence of content or problems caused by inactivity
    • Type 2: controversial wikis, questionable usefulness, ...

Process outline for new wikis

[edit | edit source]

Idea for Board approval

  • Start test wiki at Incubator
  • Submit request at Meta
  • Eligibility (= this language edition is considered to be able to be approved once the activity and localizaton requirements are met)
    • Wiki in a language that does not yet have a Wikimedia project
      • => ask Board approval, after 7 days, if approved or no reaction
    • Wiki in a known language that is a special case (artificial, historical, simple, ... languages)
      • => ask Board approval, after 7 days, if approved or no reaction
    • Wiki in a normal language, that already has a Wikimedia project
      • => notify Board but it is possible to proceed immediately (in an extremely rare case, Board can ask to stop)
  • Approval
    • When the activity and localization requirements are met, the language committee can proceed with its approval if unanimously agreed upon
    • If it is a language that does not yet have a Wikimedia project, contact an independent expert or professor to verify that the content is indeed in that language
      • This can also be done at the eligiblity point
    • The proposers are asked to give the necessary configuration, and after that, a bug is submitted
    • When the subdomain is created, the content is imported from the test wiki

Board: "there is no need to inform the board about projects that are rejected or on hold since in this case there is no possibility that the projects would go live."