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Parameters[edit source]

The gloss to show in the translation table, to give a short description of the sense that this table contains translations for. This should match the actual sense in the entry.
The sense id of the sense that this translation belongs to (which should be tagged with {{senseid}}). Translation tables in other entries that link to this translation table (with {{trans-see}} or {{trans-top-also}}) should have the same id.

Usage[edit source]

The template should be used in combination with {{trans-mid}} and {{trans-bottom}}, which mark the middle split-point and the end of the table respectively.

{{Wt/haw/trans-top|<!-- gloss here -->}}

Examples[edit source]

E.g. on Wt/haw/Kinohi:

====Wehewehe ʻana====
{{Wt/haw/trans-top|Ka mua puke Paipala}}
* {{Wt/haw/nl}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|nl|Genesis|Wt/haw/m}}
* {{Wt/haw/it}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|it|Genesi|Wt/haw/f}}
* {{Wt/haw/de}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|de|Genesis|Wt/haw/m}}
* {{Wt/haw/es}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|es|Génesis|Wt/haw/m}}
* {{Wt/haw/la}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|la|Genesis|Wt/haw/m}}
* {{Wt/haw/fr}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|fr|Genèse|Wt/haw/f}}
* {{Wt/haw/eu}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|eu|Hasiera}}
* {{Wt/haw/pt}}: {{Wt/haw/W+|pt|Gênesis|Wt/haw/m}}
Wehewehe ʻana