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ⴰⵙⵙⵏⵜⵎ ⵏ ⵡⴰⵍⴱⵓⴹ [ⵙⵏⴼⵍ]

Adds zeros to the end of new until it is the same as the negative original without its sign. Used with functions that have done new=abs(original) and lost precision.


Example: {{wp/zgh/Coord/negzeropad|-1.200|1.2}} becomes 1.200

ⵉⵜⵜⵓⵙⴽⴰⵔ ⵓⵙⵙⵏⵜⵎ ⵏ ⵡⴰⵍⴱⵓⴹ ⴰⴷ ⴳ Template:Wp/zgh/Coord/negzeropad/ⴰⵙⵙⵏⵜⵎ.
ⵣⵎⵔⵏ ⵉⵎⵙⵏⴼⵍⵏ ⴰⴷ ⵜⵜⴰⵔⵎⵏ ⴳ ⵓⵙⴰⵔⵎ ⵏ ⵡⴰⵍⴱⵓⴹ.
ⵎⴽ ⵜⵓⴼⴰⵎ, ⵔⵏⵓⵢⴰⵜ ⵉⵙⵎⵉⵍⵏ ⵏ ⵡⴰⵍⴱⵓⴹ ⴳ ⵜⴷⵓⵙⵏⴰ ⵏ ⵓⵙⵙⵏⵜⵎ. /ⴰⵙⵙⵏⵜⵎ.
ⵜⴰⴷⵓⵙⵏⵉⵡⵉⵏ ⵏ ⵡⴰⵍⴱⵓⴹ ⴰ.