Template:Wp/nys/Baal kwel

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Boodjar: {{{Boodjar}}}
Nartj Wah: {{{Nartj Wah}}}
Koorliny nitja boodjar yey: {{{Koorliny nitja boodjar yey}}}
Nartj boodjar baal koorliny: {{{Nartj boodjar baal koorliny}}}
Koorliny wiern yey: {{{Koorliny wiern yey}}}
Nartj boodjar noonar koorliny wiern: {{{Nartj boodjar noonar koorliny wiern}}}

Usage[edit source]

The following code can be placed at the top of articles about people. They will be added to Category:Wp/nys/Moort.

{{Wp/nys/Baal kwel
| Baal                                 = 
| Image                                = <!-- Filename only, without "File:" prefix -->
| Boodjar                              = 
| Nartj Wah                            = 
| Koorliny nitja boodjar yey           = 
| Nartj boodjar baal koorliny          = 
| Koorliny wiern yey                   = 
| Nartj boodjar noonar koorliny wiern  =