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Template:Wn/sl/Glavna novica

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A template for displaying a news story that includes an image and a link to the story for easy editing.

Usage[edit source]

{{Wn/sl/Glavna novica
| width=375px | x=45px | y=217px
<!-- should be identical to the default link in the imagemap -->
|link=Bush and Putin suggest potential for World War III
<!-- what the news should read -->
|news=Bush and Putin suggest potential for World War III
<!-- the edit link should always point here -->
default [[ Leaked emails show UK RAF were aware of Nimrod problems prior to fatal crash]]
desc none
<!-- should be identical to name of image used in the image map -->
|credit=Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush.jpg

Warning: Not all things listed here. just important ones. see Template:Lead article with large image and source of this page.

Makes:[edit source]