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Logo de Wikipédia en wallisien ? Wikipedia Logo in Wallisian?[edit source]

Malo Lea.fakauvea, what do you think about translating the motto "Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia" into faka'uvea? I could create a logo and use it on this page ;) By the way, should Wikipedia be adapted to the Wallisian alphabet ? (something like "Vikipetia" ?) Ofa atu ! Skimel (talk) 12:22, 13 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Malo Skimel tou ma'uli. I've checked the other languages in the region and I'm still struggling to find a proper translation for that slogan. The closest one would be from Tonga: Ko e tohi 'ilo tauateaina. In faka'uvea, that would give Te tohi ilo'i tau'ateaina which sounds off. Te tohi faka'ilo tau'ateaina would be a better translation for knowledge and freedom/neutrality. What do you think?

As for the localisation of the Wikipedia itself, I've seen Vikipitia, Vitipetia, Vikipuka in the Pacific. Vikipetia would be indeed the Wallisian version of it. However, we don't have the wiki (quick: vave) idea behind it. Viki means glorify which might be misinterpreted. Maybe for know, we can keep Wikipedia as it is like Tonga and Samoa? Fasipuke for Facebook didn't go so well in 'Uvea either. Ofa atu.

malo Skimel tau kataki. Je reprends un peu de service sur cet incubateur. Tu as raison, ce serait mieux de localiser Wikipedia en Vikipetia. Je vais ajouter d'autres pages afin d'atteindre au moins 100 pages et demander d'officier la version uvéenne. Qu'en penses-tu? Lea.fakauvea (talk) 14:56, 20 April 2021 (UTC)[reply]