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About Xibe script[edit source]

When typing scripts with the help of the Template Wp/mnc/MongolUnicode, the sentences were displayed as the Manchu font.
It's urgently necessary for us to
1. To create or import a kind of Unicode (It must be start with "Template:Wp/sjo", not"Wp/mnc") that is able to display Xibe script correctly.
2. To find a better compatibility between traditional Xibe script (vertical) and Romanizationed transliteration.--MiiCii (talk) 15:58 9 January 2021 (UTC)

The Edit of 09:30, 21 January 2021[edit source]

The Edit of 09:30, 21 January 2021 wasn't written by myself, but with the help of a native speaker of Xibe language. I consulted a native Xibe speaker above to translate the sentences.
The article in this edit was translated from 察布查尔锡伯自治县 of Mandarin Wikipedia.
Since the speaker replied me in the form of a picture with a tranlation in Xibe script and the signature. Then I typed the whole article according to the picture using Xibe keyboard online. --MiiCii (talk) 09:57 21 January 2021 (UTC)