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IngridC-Curtin (talk)

  • Ngaangk is your mother
  • Moyran, Dembart is your grandfather
  • Karbarli, Deman is your grandmother
  • Kongk is your uncle
  • Maam is your mother
  • Yok is a woman without children
  • Ngooni is your brother
  • Djook is your sister
  • Ngorden is your big brother
  • Maawit is your
  • koorda is your love
  • Maamal
  • Kaawit

Infobox template[edit source]

Template:Wp/nys/Baal kwel can be used on moort pages. It will also add people to the Category:Wp/nys/Moort category. — Sam Wilson 01:55, 22 March 2016 (UTC)Reply