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Macrolanguage code mon[edit source]

Incubator:Policy says: "If a test does not have a valid ISO 639 language code, it should be deleted". m:Meta:Language proposal policy says: "The language must have a valid ISO-639 1–3 code". ISO 639 are maintained by SIL. Let's read what SIL says about Mongolian variants: [1]. SIL treat mon as a macrolanguage in code sets 639-2 and 639-3 with the equivalent 639-1 mn. The individual languages within this macrolanguage are: Halh Mongolian [khk] and Peripheral Mongolian [mvf]. From this point we have the following:

  1. mn: is the equivalent of mon
  2. two possible variants exists: Wp/khk and Wp/mvf.

If you want mon Wikipedia, then you should go to mn: and write articles there because of WM:LPP "The language must be sufficiently unique that it could not coexist on a more general wiki". If you want a separate project, then you should choose one of the possible variants: khk or mvf. You cannot invent another code here in Incubator, because WM:LPP says "If there is no valid ISO-639 code, you must obtain one. The Wikimedia Foundation does not seek to develop new linguistic entities".

Incubator:Policy says: "Projects must match main m:WM:LPP requirements: project must not already exist, be unique language and have a valid language code", Wp/mon doesn't match. So, this page will become a macrolanguage disambiguation page, all pages with Wp/mon prefix will be renamed. амдф 10:23, 16 December 2010 (UTC)[reply]