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This is the documentation page for Module:Wt/haw/script utilities

This module provides access to Module:Wt/haw/scripts from templates, so that they can make use of the information stored there. It also provides a number of functions that can be used by other modules.

Data is found at Module:Wt/haw/script utilities/data.

Exported functions

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{{#invoke:script utilities|lang_t}}

This is used by {{lang}} to wrap portions of text in a language tag. See there for more information.


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tag_text(text, lang, sc, face, class)

Wraps the given text in HTML tags with appropriate CSS classes (see WT:CSS) for the language and script. This is required for all non-English text on Wiktionary.

The actual tags and CSS classes that are added are determined by the face parameter. It can be one of the following:

The text is wrapped in <i class="(sc) mention" lang="(lang)">...</i>.
The text is wrapped in <strong class="(sc) headword" lang="(lang)">...</strong>.
The text is wrapped in <span class="hypothetical-star">*</span><i class="(sc) hypothetical" lang="(lang)">...</i>.
The text is wrapped in <b class="(sc)" lang="(lang)">...</b>.
The text is wrapped in <span class="(sc)" lang="(lang)">...</span>.

The optional class parameter can be used to specify an additional CSS class to be added to the tag.


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request_script(lang, sc)

Generates a request to provide a term in its native script, if it is missing. This is used by the {{rfscript}} template as well as by the functions in Module:Wt/haw/links.

The function will add entries to one of the subcategories of Category:Terms needing native script by language, and do several checks on the given language and script. In particular:

  • If the script was given, a subcategory named "needing (script) script" is added, but only if the language has more than one script. Otherwise, the main "needing native script" category is used.
  • Nothing is added at all if the language has no scripts other than Latin and its varieties.


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{{#invoke:script utilities|template_rfscript}}

This is used by {{rfscript}}. See there for more information.

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