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On the first saturday of august are every year in Little Irbe for a while with some exceptions the summer festival (Līvõd pivād) inside and outside of their national house there up to the seaside. There this year sing parts of their repertuars the livonian ansambles Laula (Kolka), Loja (Salaspils), Līvlist and Nurmorkestõr (Riga), Kāndla ja Rāndalist (Ventspils). To this festival comes not only a part of the last Livonians, but also guests, not only from Finland and Estonia. If somebody starts an article about this Līvõd pivād, I could continue

ma tōks kēratõ ūdtõ kerrõ iļ līvõd pivād Irēl, mis irdistiz āt viļakū ežmizõn pūolpǟvan. Bet ma äb tieud, mis siz minnõn um tīemõst, laz ma irgõg kerrõ
well, some time ago I tried to write an article on my own. But I probably did not understand the informations, what I should do, the effect

was, that it was very difficult, to find the article. Maybe, that Warbola corrected, what I made wrong. O.k. - without help, the livonian vikipedia may stay without articles about libiešu svetkiem and about recent literature.