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Wikimedia Foundation

Sugeng teka nang Wikibooks basa Banyumas

where potential Wikimedia project wikis in new language versions of Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote and Wiktionary can be arranged, written, tested and proven worthy of being hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Although these test wikis do not yet have their own wiki, they can be used for real like any other Wikimedia project wiki.

New language versions of Wikiversity should go to Beta Wikiversity, and those of Wikisource to Old Wikisource.

You cannot start a whole new project, you may only start a new language edition of an existing project.

Sister projects

The Wikimedia Foundation operates several other multilingual and free-content projects:

Wikipedia Wikipedia
The free encyclopedia
Wiktionary Wiktionary
Dictionary and thesaurus
Wikisource Wikisource
Free-content library
Wikiquote Wikiquote
Collection of quotations
Wikibooks Wikibooks
Free textbooks and manuals
Wikinews Wikinews
Free-content news
Wikiversity Wikiversity
Free learning materials and activities
Wikispecies Wikispecies
Directory of species
  Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons
Shared media repository
Meta-Wiki Meta-Wiki
Wikimedia project coordination